R 950.00 R 1,399.00

We have created a robust vertical growing system (or tower) which is a space-saving device that consists of multiple growing pods stacked on top of one another. The system allows you to increase your harvest with the possibility of growing between 16 and 24 plants per African Grower. 

The tower is suspended from any appropriate fixture making it pest resilient. 

The African Grower is a proudly South African product, revolutionising the way you grow food at home. 

Box Dimensions:

- 310mm wide x 340mm high x 540mm length.


- 4 x Growing pots, including pot lids.
- 4 x Core pipes.
- 1 x Hanging rope with snaphook attached.
- 1 x Bolt with nut.
- 4 x African Grower Coir blocks.
- 4 x Fertilizer packs.
- 1 x Potassium boost pack
- 1 x Organic liquid plant booster.
- 1 x Set of Shwe Shwe pot covers


- The African Grower comes in 1 plastic container.
- One (1) person is needed to setup the system. 
- The Delivery is included in the price.