R 899.00

This is the little brother of the African Grower. We have a smaller version of the African Grower created a robust vertical growing system (or tower) which is a space-saving device that consists of two growing pots stacked on top of one another. The system allows you to increase your harvest with the possibility of growing between 8 and 12 plants per African Grower. 

The tower is suspended from any appropriate fixture making it pest resilient. 

The African Grower is a proudly South African product, revolutionising the way you grow food at home. 

Box Dimensions:

- 300mm wide x 340mm high x 500mm length.


- 2 x Growing pots, including pot lids.
- 2 x Core pipes.
- 1 x Hanging rope with snaphook attached.
- 1 x Bolt with nut.
- 5 x Coir blocks.
- 2 x Fertilizer packs.
- 3 x Calcium boost packs.
- 1 x Potassium boost pack
- 1 x Organic liquid plant booster.
- 1 x Set of Shwe Shwe pot covers


- The African Grower comes in 1 plastic container.
- One (1) person is needed to setup the system. 
- The Delivery is included in the price.