The Greenhouse - 2m x 3m
The Greenhouse - 2m x 3m
The Greenhouse - 2m x 3m
The Greenhouse - 2m x 3m

The Greenhouse - 2m x 3m

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The purpose of a greenhouse is to shield the African Growers and produce from excess cold or heat and unwanted pests. The greenhouse makes it possible to grow certain types of produce year round. 


- 3.0m wide x 2.7 m high x 2.0m length.


- High strength galvanised steel frame.
- Overhead crop.
- Support braces.
- 1no. Lockable door.
- Heavy duty ground pegs. 
- Blocks UV rays, protecting the produce. 
- Cover material is polyethylene 
* light transmission 85% 
* diffused light 40%
- Step by step Manual. 
- Packaging comes in 2 sets. 
* Set 1 is 240cm length x 90cm breadth x 15cm height. 
* Set 2 is 40cm length x 15cm breadth x 25cm height.
* Total weigh of 85Kg.  
- 3 years warranty. 


- The Greenhouse comes in 2 set boxes
- Two (2) people are needed to setup the system. 
- The Delivery is included in the price. 
- The African Growers are sold separately. (3m x 2m it can house 12 African Growers, that's 48 Pots.)