Sponsor an African Grower and we will place it for you

The AFRICAN GROWER was created to fight hunger and create food security in lower income households throughout South Africa and the rest of the African continent. We have done work in many community projects through our implementation company, Fresh Life Produce, and have placed over 1500 AFRICAN GROWERS into community projects throughout South Africa and Lesotho. 

 If you want to be part of this revolution of creating food for the masses then you can sponsor an AFRICAN GROWER to one of the projects that we work with. 

You can purchase an AFRICAN GROWER via our website using the following promotional code SPONSORMYAFRICANGROWER and we will deliver your AFRICAN GROWER to one of the projects that we support. 

 We will post evidence of your placement on our social media platforms and share with you your bit in the fight against hunger. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages @AfricanGrower for updates.

Far and wide

We already have placed 1500 African Growers